Monday, March 22, 2010

Rite Aid Grand Total *!*Fireworks*!*

Soooo last week at Rite Aid was a great success. I wanted to wait and post until my rebate finally cleared. Anyway, here it all is.....

Transaction 1- $5.96 Details here
Transaction 2- $2.45 Details here
Transaction 3- .47 (Sudafed, Visine, Cortaid)
Transaction 4- .01 (Visine only)

$63.35 after sales, before coupons

$8.89 out of pocket. 
(And the actual price of ONE of these sudafeds was $6.50 before my coupons attacked it)

Single Check Rebate back to me: $25

So I got all of this stuff below and
Rite Aid PAID ME $17.11. 

NEGATIVE $17.11 folks.
I mean, I am gushing over here.
Love. Love. Love.
My insides are gushing out with love.
Poetry over.
Picture now.

Happy shopping!!

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