Sunday, March 14, 2010

Transaction 2 of 3- Rite Aid

The second transaction is very similar to this first transaction posted here.

Cortaid- $3.99
Sudafed Cold and Sinus- $6.49
Visine for contacts- $4.99

Rite Aid 3 off of 15 coupon (click on it- it's linked up!)

*Store Coupon for $2 off the Sudafed (in flier)
*Store Coupon for $3 off the Visine (in flier)
*Manufacture Coupons: 

$2/1 Sudafed, Sudafed PE or Sudafed OM (RP 12/6/09)
$3/1 any Visine Product (ALL YOU Mar '10) 
$2/1 Cortaid (RP 1/3)
TOTAL DUE: a grand 47 cents. and $15.47 towards the $50 needed for the $25 SCR. (We are now up to $33.43 towards that $50 needed and have only spent $6.43 this week!!)

Stay tuned for transaction #3, and the final total towards our $25 SCR! 

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