Coupon Lingo

Here's some coupon lingo/short hand terminology you'll find on this page!
*There are three types of coupon inserts you'll see in the Sunday paper (all will have the title on the front cover). We use their initials to identify where certain coupons can be found (for instance if Tide was on sale, I would say use the coupon from the 3/7 PG = March 7 Proctor and Gamble insert).
Smart Source or SS
Red Plum or RP
Proctor and Gamble or PG

*Extra Care Bucks, EBC, Bucks etc = CVS money back found on receipt
*Register Rewards= Walgreens version of the ECB (treated there like a coupon instead of like cash)
*Single Check Rebate/SCR = rebate from Rite Aid (enter receipts at Rite Aid (dot) com to receive a check in the mail with your cash back for the month!

Catalina-these are coupons for $$ off your next order at a grocery store, printed along with your receipt. 
Rolling Catalinas--using your catalina coupon to pay for a transaction in which you earn another catalina
BOGO--buy one get one free
Stacking Coupons- You can use two coupons on one item if one is from the manufacturer and one is issued by a store (this happens a lot at Walgreens and Target)