Sunday, March 14, 2010

Transaction 1 of 3- Rite Aid

It's a Rite-Aid extravaganza! Ready for some major moneymaking??

I am posting three transactions this week. ALL purchases I am listing are going towards a $25 single check rebate, which you get when you spend $50 on certain products. You can earn ALL MONTH towards this rebate. I am not posting all the products available in this rebate, just the ones in my transactions.

Honestly- this is going to be a moneymaker. So if you are missing a few coupons, you may want to go for it anyway. Even if you broke even, this is still a ton of stuff for free!

If you don't have some of these coupons, google the product to see if something comes up!

Transaction 1-  (Look for specific products that are participating- for example, there are TONS of sudafed products, but not all are included in the Rite Aid rebate, just 10-20 counts. So be careful when you go and check everything with the flier!)
Bandaid Product- $1.99
Neosporin- $3.99
Cortaid- $3.99
Sudafed PE- $7.99

Use (in this order)
Rite Aid 3 off of 15 coupon (click on it- it's linked up!)
*Store Coupon for $2 off the Sudafed (in flier)
*Manufacture Coupons: 
$3 off of both a Neosporin Product and Bandaid Product (SS 02/21)  
$2/1 Cortaid (RP 1/3)
Total: $5.96 due and $17.96 towards the $50 needed for the $25 SCR

Happy saving!


  1. Hi SJS: I am new to coupons/ss/rp, etc.,and I have a question. I have looked at your transaction #1 at Rite-Aid. I have all the coupons except the Neosporin/Band-aid coupon. I have the 2/21 Smart Source. I have a few copies of it, but cannot find this coupon. Are those coupons from the internet? Does the Inquirer have a different Smart Source? Help! Just a bit frustrated, but happy at how much I am saving. Thanks for your suggestions and help!
    Molly Harkins

  2. My coupon is from the Philadelphia Inquirer. And yes, they have different coupons than the Courier Post. Usually, the Inquirer has better coupons, but no Red Plum. However, with my experience, the Courier's red plum stinks anyway, and missing tons of coupons, so I usually forgo it and just stick with the inquirer.

    Maybe you could use these instead?
    $1/1 Band-Aid Brand Product (RP 1/3/10)
    Google for a neosporin printable- there is one available.

    And remember- this is going to be an amazing moneymaker- so even if you don't have all the coupons, you could probably still break even and get everything for free. Add them all up and if you are spending $25 or below, you will do great, since the SCR is for $25!

  3. oh and remember- the $50 you need to get to is before you use your in store, video value, and manufacture coupons!

  4. Thanks Ashley! I will try the Inquirer. This week's Red Plum was really great! There were coupons for cat food and it's on sale at Wal-Mart! I don't have the 1/10 RP - I started with the 1/31 inserts. No biggie. I Googled the Neosporin and got "this promotion has ended". Oh well. You win some you lose some. Thanks again.