Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Target Success

Target has always held great temptation for me. I heart it so much. However, when I go in with a stack of coupons and a plan it's a different story! I'm happy to walk out with my deals and ignore the rest....well...I did have to stop and gaze longingly at the summer dresses--but I'll wait for swagbucks to purchase those! (btw--already have spent $60 at Target for FREE b/c of swagbucks. somebody pinch me!)
Need shampoo? You can get Dove for 44cents! 
Who can pass up 44cent shampoo? or conditioner? Not me!
Stack one target printable here (search in beauty or personal care and find the coupon--they wouldn't let me print it anymore b/c I've reached the limit =) with one Dove haircare printable here.
Yay for 44 cents!!
Also, if you need trash bags--Target brand is on clearance (@ Deptford)--165 bags for $5!! That's usually what we pay for about 30 bags! Score!
We also used the BOGO My Little Pony Coupon from this weeks paper and got 2 MLP for $4.99! Happy Easter to Maeve =)

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