Monday, March 15, 2010

Rite Aid $25/$50 Rebate

Ashley already posted her first two transactions here and here. And here is how I am working on earning my rebate! My scenarios *could* be cheaper if I bought different products but since I have 3 little ones we use up lots and lots of the more expensive Johnson's Baby stuff and since I'm getting it for free-we're stocking up!! =) Also we don't really use cold meds at all! Also, I'm getting TWO band aid products so that I can get a $5 rebate off of the Princess and the Frog which I'm buying with ECB's at CVS this week! (life would be perfect if I had one more bandaid coupon!) Here are my first two transactions.
Transaction 1:
1 neosporin 3.99
1 band aid (princess of course) 1.99
1 J&J baby lotion 4.29
1 sudafed 6.49
=16 ish
-$3/2 neosporin/bandaid
-$4 sudafed (store coupon and redplum 3/14)
-$2 J&J (store coupon and printable)
=$3 plus tax
Transaction 2:
2 bogo Renpure 7.99
2 bogo Right Guard 3.99
1 Benadryl 5.49
2 J&J 4.29 x2
= 26 ish
-$3 renpure (video values coupon)
-$1 benadryl (store coupon)
-$3 J&J (video values, store coupon, printable)
-$4 Right Guard (printable and video values)
Submit receipt for $6 back on Renpure (rebate by mail)
I'm up to $31 towards my rebate and have only spent $5 towards it (the other $6 I'm not counting since it's coming back in the form of another rebate=). My next transaction is going to have more bang for my buck--but I'm waiting on some coupons I ordered from ebay for my final transaction! =)
I plan to buy another bandaid so I can submit both bandaid rec. for $5 back on Princess and The Frog (purchase at CVS for 19.99-$4/$20, -$3 bucks back = $14 with $5 rebate and $3 more bucks back =$8 for the movie!!!)
I'll post my third when I have a free moment to actually plan it and go!

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