Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some Great Target Deals

I am doing this scenario tomorrow. I'll edit this post and let you know my success.  I was a wee bit excited about these deals, so I wanted to post it early, in case anyone wanted to try it tomorrow. I'll be going after school.

Now- a note: the airwick coupon says "one per transaction" and it is the same coupon for both iMotion products. I am going to try and use both of mine since I am buying two different iMotion products. If they both won't work, I will simply do two transactions. 

1 DialNutriskin Hand Soap- $1.37
1 Airwick Freshmatic Ultra iMotion Starter Kit- $6.00
1 Airwick Freshmatic Scented Oil iMotion Starter Kit- $6.00

Use the DialNutriskin Hand Soap Coupons:
***target coupon: Cheap Soap Target Coupon
***.35 coupon from the 3/7 RP. (See ** below)

Use the Airwick Freshmatic Ultra iMotion Starter Kit Coupons:
*** $5 off of 1 from the 3/7 SS
***target coupon: iMotion Love!

Use the Airwick Freshmatic Scented Oil iMotion Starter Kit Coupons:
***$4 off of 1 from the 3/7 SS
*** target coupon: Same iMotion Love Coupon

Total BEFORE coupons: $13.37
Total After Coupons: $1.02-1.32 (see ** below) 
(Item totals: Free Ultra iMotion, $1 Oil iMotion, .2-.37 Soap)

**I do not have the redplum coupon for the nutriskin soap, but I'll take soap for 35 cents! If you have the red plum, enjoy your 2 cents soap!**

Remember- you can stack one Target coupon with one manufacture coupon for each item. That's why these are so awesome!

Happy good-smellin-all-around shopping!

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  1. we did the airwick today at target and it went great! 2 totally free! (we did do separate transaction since I had steve with me). we also paid with the $5 gift card they gave us for buying 1 gillette razor/cartridge (using free razor coupon). I got the soap too--it's more expensive at the deptford target ($1.52) but i used the $1 target coupon and $1 manufacturer coupon online (coupons.com?) and they gave us the overage!