Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Third Rite Aid Transaction

I finally finished up my Rite Aid Transactions for my $25/$50 rebate! Woot! Here's what I did!
Post Cereal 1.88
J&J Shampoo 4.29
Sudafed 4.99
Benadryl 5.49
Visine 4.99
=22 ish
-$2.00 post printable (on their website)
-$2 Sudafed 3/14 RP
-$1 Benadryl (regional coupon ordered on ebay)
-$1Visine printable (on their website)
-$1 J&J Shampoo (printable on their website)
-$1 Rite Aid J&J in flyer
-$2 Rite Aid Sudafed in flyer
-$3 Rite Aid Visine in flyer
-$2 Rite Aid Benadryl in flyer
**So, for a total of $8.60 I qualify for my $25 rebate and have a boat load of baby products and cold meds and some cereal they paid me 12cents to take--So Mom--I'm saving that shredded wheat for you!** =)

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