Wednesday, March 17, 2010

iMotion at Target

So Target didn't go as well as I hoped because they were out of the iMotion that retails around thirteen smacks! You know, the one I was going to get for FREE that I talked about here.

So, I got a raincheck. For five.
Because I was thinking
I can get one for free with my two coupons.
But I can get the other four for only $1 each.
(I bought five papers last weekend and there were $5 coupons for this in each).

So 13 x 5 = $65.
On sale brings them down to $30
Minus 5 $5 coupons and 1 $1 Target coupon: $4 for all five!
This is a $61 saving!!

I'd say that's a pretty good deal.
Let's hope they are back in stock soon!

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