Friday, May 21, 2010

Acme- 5/21 - 5/27

AAcme is having another great week!

My personal favorite:

The Pepsi/Frito Lay Deal!
This has happened before at Acme and it was a great deal.
Here's the scoop:

*Buy 4 Pepsi 12 packs and 1 Frito Lay Multipack.
Use the $3 frito lay/pepsi coupon and the $2 dollar pepsi coupon.
Both are found at the bottom of the flyer.

$5.99 for the Frito Lay
$12 for the Soda
Minus the $5 in coupons...
$13 for all!

And if any of you have any $5 catalinas left over from last week, that makes for an even sweeter deal!

There is also a nice $10 catalina deal going on this week...the deal was mentioned on the front page of the small flyer in the flyer this week. I'll share my plan tomorrow...I have to make it first!

**Remember- all acme catalinas are based on shelf prices! There is definitely some moneymaking opportunity this week with this catalina! This site shares all shelf prices for you AND gives you a great deal to start out with to moneymake $3 and get the $10 catalina. Let's hope this one roles!! ****edit- read this post before heading over to check shelf prices!!

Also, remember, if you do the $10 catalina deal first...and then go back and do the soda will only spend $3 for all of that soda/chip goodness.

Acme, thank you for being awesome. Now can you please tell your Route 130 Acme to get with the program and not hate me for using coupons. Thank you.
ok...I feel better.

Happy Acme-ing!

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