Friday, May 21, 2010

CVS Coupon Nazi

So..I usually frequent the same CVS(s) at the same times so I *know* what cashier I'll be dealing with. I headed there today on a whim and got the ONE cashier who ALWAYS gives me an unmerited hard time. She studied each of my coupons for a long time and then informed me that the Revlon coupons I had would not work for the Revlon items I picked out (two eyeshadow and coupon was for ANY Revlon color). She spent FIVE minutes trying to convince me that I couldn't use those coupons even though Maeve was crying and Ezra was restless. 
I just stood there thinking, "Scan the stinkin' coupons! I KNOW they will work!" 
I can understand that sometimes the language on a coupon can be vague and I've wondered if certain things would work for certain items but I knew that this was a correct product/coupon matchup. So...eventually she caved and said, 
"I'll try to scan them but they won't work!" 
So I watched.
And they worked.
"Oh......they worked." she said. 
DUH!!! Is what I wanted to say but instead smiled and GOT THE HECK OUTTA THERE. 
Isn't it strange that some cashiers act like you are
A)trying to scam them
B)taking the money out of THEIR pockets
Sometimes it's worth sticking with routine so you know things will go smoothly!

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  1. I feel your pain! We have a Rite Aid less than a mile from our house so it's super convenient to go there for deals-the problem is there is one cashier there who turns into a witch anytime anyone pulls out a coupon. I've complained to the manager several times and emailed corporate that this girl is totally discriminating against me because I use coupons. She's super sweet to the people in front of me and even nice to me until I pull out my coupons, then she growls and groans and gives big HEAVING sighs for every single coupon she has to scan. She readys them and then purposefully does them in the wrong order (scanes the mnf. BEFORE the $5 off $20 coupon) and then gets mad at me when I remind her that one goes first. Every transaction she tried to cheat me out of a coupon by pretending to scan it and then sliding it in the pile with the rest of them-when I remind her she missed one she acts like I killed her puppy!!! It's so bad now if i walk up to the door and SEE her at the register I will not even go in and if I go in and SEE her in the store anywhere I will walk out! It's ridiculous how people act like you're taking money from THEM when you use coupons!!!