Sunday, May 23, 2010

Before you run to Acme this week (5/21-5/27)....

and do the spend $25, get a $10 catalina ConAgra deal, please take note.

The shelf prices in some of the blogs have been incorrect- at least in my area.

Here are the ones I noticed:

Healthy Choice Natural Selections (and other varieties)-
Shelf Price: $2.79 (NOT $4.79)

*note- the steamers and complete meals are $4.79-$4.99. They are on sale for 4 for $10. It looks like the smaller meals, the ones that are on sale for 5 for $10, are the ones that have a shelf price of $2.79*

Alexia Snacks-
Shelf Price (knocked down): $1.50 (NOT $2.00)

Healthy Choice Soup-
Shelf Price (knocked down): $1.00 (NOT $2.19)

Guldens Mustard-
Shelf Price (knocked down): $1.00 (NOT $1.29)

See any other knock downs or price errors?

I am doing this deal twice this week.

My first trip entailed:
2 Healthy Choice Complete Meals: $2.50 each ($4.79 shelf price)
3 Healthy Choice Soups: $1 ($1 shelf price)
2 Alexia Snacks: $1.50 ($1.50 shelf price)
2 Wesson Oils: $2.50 each ($4.99 shelf price)
Total: $16 ($25.56 Shelf Price)
I used two $1 coupons from a ConAgra Coupon Book I had mailed to me.
Final Total: $14 with a $10 Catalina Back

I will post my next transaction after returning from Acme. I want to be sure I have all the shelf prices correct before I add another transaction.

If you are going, I would suggest having a few backup items added to your list in case your final shelf price total is not $25 with the different rollbacks and price differences from the blogs.

Ahh. It's crazy sometimes. Regardless, happy acme-ing! It's still a week of amazing deals!

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