Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rite Aid Rad-ness (3/28-4/3)

Ah Rite Aid...I'm feelin' the love for you this week! I would love you even more if you mailed a stinkin' circular to my house but at least I can look them up online! I need dishwasher soap so that's what I based my transaction on for this week! Here ya go! (Could I *fit* any more exclamation points in that paragraph?! No!! haha)
Cetaphil $8
2 Degree Deoderent $8
Vitamin Water $1
2 Finish Dishwasher Detergent BOGO $6 (based on
-$5/$20 video values coupon
-$2 cetaphil (in circular)
-$5 cetaphil printable (from a month ago, no longer available)
-$1 free vitamin water (for becoming fan on facebook)
-$2 Degree coupon in circular
-$3 Degree printable
-$1 Finish Video Values
-2/$1 Finish (printed from their website)
=$2 plus tax!

****There is also the possibility of free *air wick* again this week--both at Walgreens and Rite Aid where they are currently 50% off--if you have some $4 or $5 off coupons lurking around these would make greater filler items in any scenerio! Also, the large AirWick is back at Target this coming week for $5 again so if you missed out the first time you can get these from $1 -Free!****

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  1. Bless You Bless You Bless You! Because I missed out on the AirWick that I was so excited about when my lazy kicked in.