Sunday, March 7, 2010

Part 3 Rite Aid

I wrote about my first transaction at Rite Aid here:
Transaction 2:
2 gillette deoderent (2for$8 with $2 back Single Check Rebate)
2 gillette body wash ($4.99 each)
2 Cover girl face (i got two tinted moisturizers--these were BOGO and I had a BOGO coupon 2/7 pg)
2 Almay products (two mascara BOGO $6.99)
-$5/$20 (i earned this coupon by watching 20 videos on the rite aid video values page)
-$4 deoderent coupon (2/7 pg)
-2 free body wash with purchase of 2 deoderent (2/7 pg)
-$7.50 for free covergirl (bogo coupon 2/7 pg)
-2 $1.00 off Almay
=$3.99 plus tax ($5.92) 
I will submit my receipt online for $2 back on deoderent and $5 back on the purchase of two Almay products for a grand total of $1 made!!
Transaction 3
 Buy 3 Biore for $15
I purchased 2 Biore face strips, 2 Biore Cleansers and used:
-2 free cleanser coupons from 3/7 ( i can't remember which coupon insert this came from but it was this weeks paper and I had two copies of it)
-$2 off purchase of 2 (I found this peelie coupon on one of the pore strip packages at the store! sweet!)
-$1 off video values coupon (I earned this by watching a commercial about biore at riteaid's video value site)
=$4 (with $1.19 tax = $5.19) 
Submit for $5 single check rebate from Rite = 19 cents for 4 products!!
Rite Aid: THREE transactions, $14.84 out of pocket, $14 rebate = 84cents spent after refund!! 
****the great thing about Rite Aid's rebates is that you start an account on their website, enter in the transaction numbers on your receipts and they mail you a check (which you can request after they process your receipts! no stamps--just a few seconds online!****

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