Monday, May 9, 2011

Target Trip Transaction! 5/9

I don't shop at Target anymore unless I need a Target *fix*--because when I am there I become,
For real. 
So now I'm only allowing myself to go there when I have birthday/Christmas money to spend or when there are some excellent coupons. =) 
Here's what I got today:
$40 (pre sale price) of stuff for $3ish with tax! =)

7 Nivea Men Body Wash $2.43 (two ran up wrong at $3.19 but I didn't feel like switching them out, also, I promise I didn't clear the shelf--there were at least 30 left when I took mine =)
3 Suave Shampoo/Conditioner .84 ea
2 Scotch Scissors $1.49 ea
2 Gillette Shave .97 ea
6 Bounty Basic $1.04 ea
-3 $1/2 Bounty Basic 5/1 PG
-2 $1/1 Gillette Shave 5/1 PG
-7 $3/1 Nivea Men 4/17 RP
-3 .75/1 Suave Target printables
-2 $1/1 Scotch Scissors Target printables
=$1.96 plus tax!


  1. SO I dont think I've ever commented but I've been an avid Stalker of your page for months now. I have only been seriously couponing for about 2 months now, but already seeing the savings that you have helped me get :o) just wanted to say THANKS!!!!

    ( I got your blog from Mama Weber.... I went to elementary with Ryan )

  2. This south jersey shopper is a rock star!