Monday, July 19, 2010


I don't know what it is but Walgreens and I just can't get along. I don't usually go there because I find their Register Reward/Coupon rules a little confusing. They definitely have some great deals that I can't resist though and I decided to go today and brave it! Here's what I bought:
Before Coupons $19.94
After Coupons $2.94 with $8.49 RR back
I bought
2 Dr. Scholl's items $6.99 ea ($5 RR for buying 2 Dr. Scholl's)
-$10 in store coupon (Walgreens July Coupon Book)
2 Pilot Pens $1.19 ea
-$2 in store coupon (Walgreens July Coupon Book)
Colgate Total Toothpaste $3.49 ($3.49 RR for buying Toothpaste)
-$1/1 Colgate 7/11 SS
.09 Filler Highlighter
=$2.94 plus tax with $8.49 RR back ($3.49 Toothpaste and $5 Sr. Scholls)

So....everything was fine--they didn't have all of the items I had planned on getting because I wanted to/was lured there in the first place to do a super easy moneymaker-
-2 Dr. Scholls Inserts @ $6.99 ea
- $10 instore coupon
and $4 in printables
 = -.02 with $5 RR back!

 They only had one insert that worked with the coupon so I just changed things up a little bit. I got all my items and brought them up and then the cashier told me that:
I just stood there!?
She said that she never accepts coupons on sale items because that makes them "too cheap." Also, that I was getting the item for "free" because of the register reward. I explained to her that I use coupons all the time on sale items--that it IS ok and that this is Walgreens store policy!
She even took the toothpaste coupon and said-
-"Watch--I will scan it and IT WILL NOT WORK."
So.....she scanned it.
And it worked....
So I said--See! It is ok!
She then told me she was calling the manager.
She "explained" the situation to him and tried to convince him that I couldn't use a coupon and get a Register Reward because that makes the item free. Which, it doesn't really because I still had to pay the $3.49 outright in the first place! 
So, he put the coupons through and asked her what her problem was. And then I felt bad b/c I truly believe she was doing what she thought was right. I wish these stores who encourage coupon usage would educate their employees--it would make everything so much easier!
Seriously though, Walgreens is off my list...well....until next time they have a deal I can't resist! Oh, and FYI--just to avoid the temptation of RR we took the girls and let them pick out a fun toy item. Easier spent than earned that's for sure!


  1. Where do you get the July Coupon Book? Do they still offer it?

  2. yes--you can ALWAYS find it in the store---right on the same rack as the circular! very convenient =)