Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Rite Aid Savings Vs. Spending For The Month! Alternately Titled: I MADE $76.76 AT RITE AID AND BOUGHT TONS OF STUFF!!!!! =)

I just tallied up the money I spent out of pocket at Rite Aid this month.
Grand Total Out Of Pocket Expense Of My Rite Aid Trips!!:
$16.00 (even! weird!)
Single Check Rebates Requested THIS MONTH:
*Skin Care SCR $25 Rite Aid Gift Card, $5 Bonus Gift Card
*July $44.76
Rebates Filled Out This Month And Mailed In:
$18-$25 (Depending on wording of Rebate below)
*Covergirl/Pantene/Olay $10
*Dulcolax $5
*Zegerid $3-$10 (I can't tell with the wording if they will give me the full amount or the amount after coupons? Either way--moneymaker!)
Grand Total of AT LEAST $76.76 MADE!!!!!!!!!!!
And that's not including the +UPR I still have left!! ($11!)
And I received all of this!!

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