Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Update Part 2! Shop Rite

I haven't written about our general savings strategies for a few weeks so I thought I'd give a little update!
1. Shop Rite We are continuing to put sales and coupons together for our advantage. It took me a while to get fully back in the swing of savings after vacation but we were right back on track this week! This week we spent $44 and saved $47!! A couple of highlights:

**2 Fantastic Cleaners at $1.99 ea**
-2 $.55/1 (doubled up to a $1 ea) 6/13 SS
$2 Catalina back = Free!

**2 Hefty Slider Bags $1.24 ea**
-.55/2 (Doubled up to $1) 5/23 RP
=$1.48 for two!

**3 Blue Bunny Star Pops $1.49 ea**
-3 $1/1 Blue Bunny printables
=$1.50, submit for $15 Fun Pass Rebate 7/11 RP

**2 Smart Balance Milk $2.99 ea**
=1.98 with $1 Catalina!!

2.  Rebates, Rebates, Rebates! I am consistently finding and filling out rebates for the things we buy. My strategy is to sit down and fill them out as SOON as I get home. This way I don't put them off, forget, etc. It's really nice to have a steady flow of checks coming in--just fun little *bonus* money!

3. Swagbucks Have I mentioned how much I love swagbucks? I'm torn right now between saving mine up for

a: shower curtains of my (current) dreams

b: netbook computer like the one my friend has that i just can't get out of my mind =) (so I have a companion to escape to the coffee shop with =)

Search & Win
I'm kind of an *instant gratification* girl so I'm not sure I have the energy to save up for the computer....whereas I already have enough for the shower curtains....decisions....decisions =) Seriously, so easy, so fun and FREE!? I have been able to buy so many fun AND necessary things with my Swagbucks--I love shopping on so seriously, win. win. !!!!

4. Ad placement. I place ads on my blog to earn money! I would blog for free because I really enjoy sharing what I've learned and what I've saved (and pictures of my fantastic family =) however, the extra money is a big help! I made enough blogging (on my personal blog) last month to buy groceries for two weeks! I know some people think they are distasteful--but when you aren't *wealthy* they are a large/ginormous help!

5. I suppose that's it for now! I've been struggling lately with feeling self conscious for using coupons/doing deals. Not everyone approves of coupons, taking time to do deals and people who don't? Well, they don't mind sharing their opinions! It really bothers me because I am not rude to people who don't use coupons (even though I think everyone SHOULD!!!). I try to focus on the fact that I"m helping my family--I'm saving and earning SO MUCH that it's "like" I have a paying job now!! I know people attack what they don't understand and I know that coupons really are ah-mazing but it's hard sometimes when you deal with day-to-day nonsense that makes you feel like you just don't "measure up." End sappy soapbox. Just know, that if you've felt this way, so have I. File this under "just bein' real." =)

Happy Savings! And as always, any questions? Please email me because I have a great interest in helping others figure this out! Seriously!!


  1. You are awesome with coupons and deals! Keep it up! Sometimes I get tired of it and want a break, and then I did the Neutrogena deal at Rite Aid yesterday which will be a 39 dollar money maker, and I am re-inspired!!!!

  2. My RP did not include the Blue Bunny Fun pass rebate. Do you know where I can get one?

  3. i can mail you one! i have 4 extra =) send me your address at michellerose630(at)yahoo(dot)com!