Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Update Part 1 Rite Aid, CVS and Target!!

I wonder if I'll ever get sick of playing the drugstore game? I don't think it will happen anytime soon! I did three transactions today--2 at Rite Aid and 1 at CVS. Here' the details!
Unforunately my CVS was totally out of the M&M's moneymaker but I'm going to check another one out tonight =)

(before tax) and $14 ECB back
Gillette Pro Glide Razor $9.99
Schick Quattro Razor Refills $8.99
Xtra Laundry $1.99
2 Pantene$6.97
Huggies $8.99
-$5/$30 purchase email coupon
-$4/1 Gillette 6/4 PG
-$4/1 Schick Quattro (Facebook Schick game)
-$1/1 Xtra 6/6 SS
-b1g1 Pantene 6/27 Parade Magazine
-$2/1 Huggies (found inside package)
=.44 plus tax
**I saved the receipt to submit for the $10 back on $30 Olay, Cover Girl, Venus, Pantene purchase

Rite Aid!
Two transactions!
Transaction 1:
7+UPR back and $14.98 SCR!!! AND Zegerid and Dulcolax Rebates!!

Dulcolax $9.99
Zegerid $10
BioTrue $4.99
= $24.98
-$3/1 Zegerid In Ad Coupon
-$3/1 Zegerid Video Values Coupon
-$4/1 Zegerid 6/20 SS
-$2 +UPR
=.98 with 7 +UPR back (Zegerid), $4.99 SCR BioTrue, $9.99 SCR Dulcolax AND rebates for Dulcolax and Zegerid!!!
($35 moneymaker!!)
***Submit for Zegerid Rebate 6/20 SS and Dulcolax $5 Rebate found on hangtag***

Transaction 2!
with $5 +UPR and $2 SCR
2 Kotex U $7
Lashblast Mascara $6.99
Covergirl Eye $3.39
2 Spot Shot $2.50 ea
Motrin PM $5.99
Pantene Hair Spray $3.99
-b1 Mascara g1 Covergirl eye free! 7/4 PG
-$2/1 Covergirl Rite Aid Coupon from P&G Coupon Book SCR
-$2/1 Lashblast Mascara 6/6 PG
-2 $2/1 Spot Shot April or June All You Magazine
-$2/1 Pantene Styler 6/27 Parade Magazine
-$1/1 Motrin Video Values Coupon
-$2/1 Motrin PM Found on a display in CVS
-$3/1 Motrin In Ad Coupon
-2 $1/1 Kotex U found in samples received in the mail
*-$1.50 I'm not sure what happened--if he typed in something wrong or if something was on sale more? Because my total is $1.50 less than it "should" have been by my often misguided calculations =) I already sealed up this receipt for a rebate off so I can't investigate further!
WITH $2 +UPR on Pantene, $1 +UPR on Kotex, $2 +UPR on Motrin AND $2 SCR for buying a lashblast mascara!
($1.50 Money Maker!) I also saved this receipt to submit for the PG rebate!

Last but not least, my mother-in-law from Florida is up visiting and we went to Target for a little family shopping trip--I couldn't help but pick up some coupon-y items while we were there! I couldn't believe they finally had the little *free* w/purchase Red Cross bag--I had brought my coupons here 3 or 4 times trying to do this deal and today it was finally availabe!
Items below before coupons: $17.47
After coupons:$2.48
-$5/2 Benadryl items 4/11 RP
-free first aid bag when you buy 3 participating items
-$1/1 Kandoo 4/4 PG

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