Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GIANT Shop Rite Catalina Deal 6/13 -6/26

I didn't blog about this awesome Shop Rite catalina earlier because I wasn't sure I was going to do it--but I've done my research and you can get A LOT of groceries with this! 
Here's the deal!
  • Buy$40 of participating products and get $5 in free groceries
  • Buy $80 of participating products and get $25 in free groceries
  • Buy $120 of participating products and get $50 in free groceries
The big pay off doesn't come unless you spend at least $80 on participating items but the great part is you have 2 weeks to qualify AND there are a TON of items that work! ALL Kraft, Unilever and General Mills items are participating! That is AH-mazing! My personal plan of attack was to look at the flyer and see what coupons I have to match up with this week's sales and spend at least $80 (pre-coupons) so that I could get the $25 catalina to use NEXT week when I buy another $40 of items to qualify for the next $25 catalina! You see, as soon as you hit $40 you get the $5 catalina instantly. When you hit $80 you get that one! All the spending is tracked by your shopper's card. Below I will list what I purchased and below that some other matchups!
4 lucky charm cereal $2.49 ea (used 4 .55/1 lucky charms from coupons.com )
9 ragu sauce 3 for $5 (used 9/$0.60/1 Ragu Product, exp. 6-20-10 (RP 05/23/10)
4 betty crocker brownie supreme mix 2/$5 (used 2 .75/2 brownie mix printable)
3 cake mix betty crocker @ $1.24 ea
3 frosting betty crocker @ 3/$5 (used 3 buy frosting and cake mix save .50 printable)
2 wishbone dressing $3 ($1.25/2 5/23 RP)
2 pillsbury grands 2 for $1.99 ea (.40/2 from the 3/28 SS)
2 pillsbury cinnamon rolls 2 for $5 (.40/2 from the 3/28 SS)
4 boxes betty crocker fruit snacks 2 for $5 (used 2 .50/2 printable)-----> this earned me a $2 catalina
2 Digirono pizza and breadsticks $6.99 ea (used 2 $3/1 printables)
1 Crystal Light $2.99 (used $1/1 printable)
= $99.99 qualifying towards catalina so 1 $5 cat, and 1 $20 cat printed out.
Next week I plan to take those catalinas, as well as the fruit snack catalina that printed and use them towards the last $20 of stuff I need to purchase! I spent about $60 oop on all this and got $27 back! It was a lot of sitting and thinking and searching for coupons--but this much food for such a small price? Totally worth it! 

Here's this week's sale/coupon matchups!
Crystal Light $2.99
$1/1 Crystal Light Product printable (IE) or printable (FF)

Nabisco 100 Cal Packs $2.99
use $1/2 Nabisco Multi-Pack Product printable

Progresso Vegetable Classics Soup $1.25 (must buy 4)
buy 12 and use (4)$1.10/3 Progresso Soups printable

Jell-O Pudding 3-3.9 oz $.75 (must buy 4)
buy 4 and use (2)$0.50/2 Jell-O Gelatin or Pudding Box, exp. 7-6-10 (SS 06/06/10)

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh $3.50
use $1/1 Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunch Meat printable

DiGiorno 12 Inch Pizza $6.99
use $3/1 DiGiorno Pizza or Breadsticks printable

General Mills Cereal $2.49
buy 3 and use $1/3 General Mills Cereal, exp. 7-24-10 (SS 06/13/10)
or use $0.55/1 Lucky Charms Cereal printable
or buy 2 and use $1/2 Select General Mills Cereals, exp. 6-12-10 (SS 05/02/10)

Betty Crocker Frosting $1.66
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $2.50
buy 2 and use $0.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks printable
Yoplait Delights $2.29
or use $1/1 Yoplait Delights Yogurt Multipack printable

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits $1.99
or buy 3 and use $0.40/3 Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, exp. 6-19-10 (SS 03/28/10 #2)
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $2.50
buy 2 and use $0.40/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls, exp. 6-19-10 (SS 03/28/10 #2)
Totinos Party Pizza $1.66
or buy 2 and use $1/2 Totino’s Product printable
or buy 2 and use $0.50/2 Totino’s Product printable
Nature Valley Granola Bars $2.50 (must buy 2)
use $0.40/1 Nature Valley Granola Bars printable
Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie $2.50(must buy 2)
or buy 2 and use 0.75/2 Betty Crocker Box Supreme Brownie Mix, exp. 7-24 (SS 05/30/10)
Knorr Pasta or Rice Sides $.94
buy 2 and use $0.60/2 Knorr Rice & Pastas, exp. 6-20-10 (RP 05/23/10)

Wish-Bone Salad Dressing $1.50 (must buy 2)
use $0.75/1 Wish-Bone Regular or Western Dressing, exp. 6-20 (RP 5/23/10)
Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.33(must buy 3)
or use $0.60/1 Ragu Product, exp. 6-20-10 (RP 05/23/10)
Skippy Peanut Butter $2.00(must buy 2)
buy 2 and use $0.60/2 Skippy Peanut Butter printable

Dove Body Wash $5.49
use $1.25/1 Dove Body Wash printable
Lipton Tea Bags $2.99
use $0.40/1 Lipton Tea Bags, To Go or any mix, exp. 6-20-10 (RP 05/23/10)

Lipton Iced Tea Mix $3.99
use $0.50/1 Lipton to Go or Iced Tea Mix, exp. 6-20-10 (RP 05/23/10)
Lipton Tea to Go Stix $1.99
or use $0.40/1 Lipton Tea Bags, To Go or any mix, exp. 6-20-10 (RP 05/23/10)

Dove Men’s Body Wash $2.99
use $1/1 Dove Men+Care Product printable
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise $3.99
use $0.25/1 Hellmann’s Product, exp. 6-20-10 (RP 05/23/10)

Q-Tips Cotton Swabs $2.99
use $0.60/1 Q-Tips Cotton Swab Product printable


  1. Shelly, I love your wording here:

    "It was a lot of sitting and thinking and searching for coupons--but this much food for such a small price? Totally worth it!

    You are so right!

    I spent probably 2 hours between last night and this morning, searching for coupons, price matching (remember, I don't have all the different stores around me--only Walmart--but they do price match within 50 miles, so I can use all of the ads from the next town OVER to get great sale prices--it's like shopping at 5 stores in one! :)), pulling coupons, organizing and sorting and clipping...

    ...but I saved over $100 today at the store! It was unbelievable. Seriously!

    So glad to have a friend that sees the value in taking the time/making the effort to save big money! You go girl.

  2. I got mine but somehow I did it by only spending $83!!

  3. i think it's actually based on shelf price which totally helps! i wasn't 100% sure it was going to be! but yay for shelf price!

  4. it must have been b/c there is no other explanation! Of course, had I planned on going in there only spending the shelf price, my luck, it probably wouldn't have worked!