Sunday, June 13, 2010

$4 Unexpected Money Maker at CVS!

I went and did a cvs run today. I did the Neutrogena Sunscreen deal (buy 2, get 10 ECBS...use the $2 printable here), the schick razor deal (*8.97-$5 from the 6/13SS plus 4 ECBS), and the big money maker:

Old Spice Body Wash- $4, get 4 ecbs. Making this free.

The flyer says the limit is 1.

But wait, it's better than that!!

I had a BOGO coupon from the 6/6 so I got two, expecting to pay $4 for both and receive just the 4 ecbs since the limit was one for the ecbs, but unexpectedly, my ecb came out as $8! So apparently the limit is 2!

So, pay $4 for 2 and get 8 ecbs! Nice!

Happy CVS-ing!


  1. Where can I find the coupons for the Schick razor and the Old Spice body wash?? This sounds like an amazing deal and I would love to be able to do it...
    Also, what was your OOP for this transaction?

  2. schick razor coupons were in the 6/13 smart source insert
    the old spice body wash was in the 6/6 proctor and gamble insert!
    cvs is the best!

  3. It gets even better!!!!!! There is a full rebate available for the Schick razor! AND some packages have a survey form in them that you can take and earn $20! (Mine didn't have the survey, but wouldn't that have been amazing?!)