Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rite Aid- 5/30-6/5 *With or without newspaper coupons!*

I've posted the deals/coupon match-ups first. Look below for the scenario. *Note: You can do this scenario even if you don't have the newspaper coupons! I have showed you how below!*

Clearasil- $5.29
$2 Coupon Here
$3 VV (Video Values) Coupon here
Total: 29 cents

Ziploc- $2.99- BOGO sale
Use BOGO coupon from the 4/11 SS
Total: Both free (*In my scenario, I am doing this twice, but you don't have to!)

Bengay- $7.49
$5 Coupon here
$1 VV Coupon here
Total: $1.49

Veet- $6.49
$3 Coupon here
$3 VV Coupon here
Total: 49 cents!

Coppertone Suntan Lotion- $8.99
$1 Coupon here
$3 VV Coupon here
$2 in-ad coupon
Total: $2.99

Scenario with 4/11 SS:
Buy 1 Clearasil, 1 Bengay, 1 Veet, 1 Coppertone, and 4 Ziplocs
Total: $34.24
Minus $5 off of $25 here
Minus $2 in-ad coupon
Minus $10 in VV coupons
Minus $16.98 in Manufacture Coupons
New Total: 26 cents (before tax)!!

*If you don't have the 4/11 SS, you can still do the same deal above minus the ziploc bags! Your total will be $28.16 minus all coupons mentioned above and your new total will still be 26 cents!

Picture includes all but the Bengay...

*Happy Rite-Aid-ing!!*

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