Saturday, May 1, 2010

CVS 5/2

I feel like I got nothin' this week! I've been looking at the CVS flyer for DAYS and haven't come up with ANYTHING that I'm interested in. It's killin' me! I have $20 ECB laying around just begging to be used. Have YOU seen any great scenarios this week? Maybe my cupboard is so full I'm having a hard time focusing =) I'm going to try real hard and see what I can come up with =)

****But my oh my!!! I looked at *next* week's flyer (5/9) and HOLY COW!!!! I'm so excited! I think I'll take this week off of CVS (*gasp) since there is nothing I need and wait for next week while will be ah-mazing! (you can check out next week's adscan at )


  1. here's what i'm doing, but you probably already know about these deals/used these coupons!

    1 Nivea Men's body wash 4.88
    1 Nivea women's body wash 4.88
    2 Nivea lip 2.99
    1 Aleve 5.99
    2 Sobe Lifewater (BOGO) 2ish?
    1 venus embrace 8.99
    -4.88 BOGO body wash
    -2.99 BOGO lip
    -$4 women's body wash
    -$1 lip
    -$2 Aleve
    -BOGO Sobe
    -$2 Embrace
    =$13.85 ($5ECB Nivea, $3ECB Aleve, $6ECB Venus = $14ECB)
    = -$0.15
    = HAPPY

  2. YES! that's the problem sarah i already used my bogo sobe and nivea! also, i haven't gotten any $/$$ coupons! ack! hopefully this week i'll score one somehow b/c next week is going to ROCK! and yes, your transaction is AWESOME!!