Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shelly's Savings Statistics

Here we go again! Another week of saving--another week of me writing about it =)
1. Shop Rite--We spent $40 this week, received $6 back in catalinas for next week and saved $60!!!! We also qualified this week for $2 oyno from Shop Rite Family Rewards--have you signed up yet? 3 weeks and we already have $2 off just for shopping!! Yay us!
2. Acme- is running this ah-mazing catalina deal this week and we've made quite a few trips there to grab nearly free food! We have picked up: 8 six packs of Snapple, 4 frozen dinners (for lunches), 2 jars peanut butter, 6 fourpacks of pudding, 2 hotdog, 3 eightpacks of kids yogurt, 2 sixpacks of kids drinkable yogurt, 4 fourpacks of adult yogurt for: $26 and we still have $15 in catalinas to use!!
3. Swagbucks--I've already cashed out the 5 amazon gift cards I'm allowed to get this month (hello hammock!! and I wish you could request more than 5 a month!!) and am saving up for a Target gift card (almost there!) which I hope to use on bedding for the girls' new bedroom set up!  Swagbucks = love!!
4. Clothesline. Instead of drying clothes in the dryer during these *warmer* months I'm going to use my clothesline as much as possible. I'm not sure how much it will save but I'm sure it will add up a bit--especially since it will also mean less wear and tear on the dryer! Now...if only there were a way to combat the crunchy towel syndrome that follows.....

*That's it for now! Happy Tuesday and Happy Saving!!

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