Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gettin' Swaggy! Alternately Titled; Swagbucks: A Tutorial

Ah! Behold my recent Swagbucks purchase! I can not wait to get my hot little hands on this hammock to put up in my backyard! A swingset, grill and a hammock in one week? Almost too much coolness to bear! So, you want to start earning the freeness with Swagbucks? It's so easy! Here are some hints to get you started!

1. You should definitely download the Swagbucks Toolbar. Every morning I login on the tool bar and search for Yahoo (to check my email) or Facebook (to check you know...what my friends are all doing) and by my third search I almost always *earn* Swagbucks. You can tell you've won them because when your search results pop up a large bucks display like this will pop up (they look like the one on the right I couldn't find a picture of just plain old swagbucks =):

2. Sometimes the Swag Guy posts extra codes for free bucks on: The Swag Blog, Swagbucks Facebook Page, Swagbucks Twitter Page. Follow each of these things for some great easy ways to earn extra bucks! You can also earn between 1-3 bucks EVERY day for checking out the *no obligation* special offers on the swag bucks page! Easy!

3. Remember, it doesn't necessarily matter how often you search or what you search. You'll most likely only be able to earn swagbucks by searching 2 or 3 times a day. I've found that searching *rarely* I will get more than if I search often. I search until I find bucks in the morning, sometimes I will find them around lunch and then before I go to bed. Most often I only find them twice a day. Don't be discouraged! With the special codes that appear you will earn bucks in no time!

4. The *Best* way to earn bucks is to sign up and then refer your friends--for every buck your friends (who sign up under you) find you will receive 1 buck (up to 1000 bucks per friend!). This is mostly how I've earned so many things--from referalls!

5. Another great swag-finding-tool is the Widget! Put this on your blog or facebook page and if you click it--you will be told whether or not there are bucks available!

6. I hope this answered any questions you may have! Drop me a line and let me know if there's anything else you don't understand b/c these have been a fun and exciting way for me to earn extra things I wouldn't have had the money to buy otherwise!

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  1. Thank you!!! I just signed up, and have 102 bucks! I'm excited! Can't wait to get my hands on one of those codes!