Sunday, April 18, 2010

CVS 4/18

Here's my plan for this week....

CVS Green Pharmacy Green Bag Tag- .99 (get .99 ECBs)
Halle Orchid- $4.99 (get 5 ECBs)
Colgate Total Toothpaste- $2.99; use .75 off Colgate Total coupon (get 2 ECBs)
Thermacare Neck to Arm Heatwrap- $2.49 each; Buy 2!! (get 4.99 ECBs) (There is a one dollar printable available on Thermacare's website...however, it did not print for me- I got an error message...hopefully it will print for you!!)

This is where the plan could stop if you do not have a coupon from CVS in your email. This adds up to $13.21 spent or using your bucks from last week. All of these items are free, except for the toothpaste, which is only 24 cents. You will get $12.98 in ECB's, bringing your total out of pocket to only 23 cents!

I do have a $5 off of $25 coupon, so this is what I'm adding to get to the $25 needed....

Shick Hydro Blade- $8.97 (get 6 ECBs)
Cover Girl Volume Mascara- $5.99 (use $1 from the 4/4 PG if you have it, I don't) (get 4 ECBs)

Total: $28.92
Minus coupons: 5 off of 25 and .75 Colgate = $23.17 spent (I have plenty of ECBs, so I'm going to use those)
ECB's Back: $22.98
Out of Pocket: 19 lovely cents

Tip: If you do not have a lot of ECBs rolling right now or you are just getting started, you can always split your transactions up! Buy the green tag and perfume (Halle's) with 6 dollars or the ECBs you earned last time, get 6 ECBs back. Use those ECBs to buy the Colgate and Thermacare Wraps, spending only $1.25 out of pocket and getting $6.99 ECBs back to use on the mascara, razor, or just saving them for next week! You can definitely roll without having tons of ECBs to being with!

If this is overwhelming, Michelle posted a great "Beginner's Transaction" here that you can go by. Her CVS transaction for this week is also there!

Happy CVS-ing!

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