Friday, April 23, 2010

Acme Catalina Awesomeness 4/23-4/29 ****UPDATE****

Oooo....I just perused my Acme ad for this week and am so stinkin' excited about the catalina deal on the back page! There hasn't been any great catalinas since I first started couponing (at the end of Feb). The deal is to buy $25 pre-sale of assorted items (I think they're all Con Agra) and get $10 oyno!!
If you have the April issue of All You Magazine there are ah-mazing coupons to match up with for at least one of your transactions! Also in the April All You is a form to send away for $25 in Con Agra coupons when you spend $10!

Here's my first transaction!
2 Hunt's Ketchup $1 ea
$1/2 April All You
3 Hunt's Pudding Packs $1 ea
$1/3 April All You
2 Fleischmann's Butter @1.69 
$1/2 April All You
2 Peter Pan Peanut Butter @ 1.79
-$1/2 April All You
2 Hebrew National Hot Dog $3
-2 $1/1 Hebrew National  3/7 SS
4 Danonino @ 2/$4 
-4 $1/1 Danonino 3/28 SS (also on
= $25
- $10 in coupons
= $15 with $10 back!
I will mail away my receipt for more coupons too! Woot! 
This is also a great deal even if you don't have coupons! Do the deal once and take your $10 catalina back to the store to do it again to get $25 of items for $15 with $10 back (like getting it for $5!!)!! I think for my next transaction I'll stock up on some freezer meals for my husband's lunch! I'll post my other transactions as I get my coupons figured out. This is such a great way for us to stock up on snack/lunch items! 

****ok, so this deal is even sweeter than i thought! the catalina is actually based on shelf price NOT sale price--so to get the catalina you could buy 4 hebrew national hotdogs (shelf price $6.49) sale price $3 and get the $10 catalina!! If you have the $1/1 coupons from the 3/28 SS this is an even sweeter deal! a $4 moneymaker! so you *only* need to spend $25 based on the pre-sale price! what an awesome deal! (found this out at livingrichwithcoupons!)******

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