Monday, March 8, 2010

More Rite-Aid Goodness!

**Edit- I DID have success with this deal today at Rite Aid. However, there seemed to be some confusion if the product I bought was a face product (the coupon was get a free face product when you buy any face product). I mean, it was mineral wear blush. And it goes on my face. Sooo I'm not sure what the deal was. They did, in the end, take my coupon. However, just a word of warning if you were going to try this deal. You may have to choose another product besides the mineral wear.*

Ok, so I went to Rite Aid to hit up my second set of deals today. I quickly realized I did not have to do all of my deals in order to get to a $25 dollar purchase to use my $5 coupon. So I put back my covergirl cosmetics on the shelf and went home to plan my Transaction #3 with the plan of using yet another 5 off $25 (linked below).

Now, if you also have not used your BOGO Covergirl coupons yet, this will work for you! Remember- BOTH products can be free this week, since there is a BOGO sale on Covergirl. They had this awesome mineral powder for 13 smacks and some cents. Now, $26 dollars free in Covergirl sounds great to me. However, to use my $5 off $25 coupon, I needed to add $5 dollars more to my list (or I would be in the negative!)

Now, this is very exciting, because I am able to do deals that aren't as great on their own, but since I have 5 *free* dollars, end up being free!

Transaction Idea #1

Covergirl mineral powder- $13.50
Covergirl mineral powder- FREE
Renu Contact Solution- $6.99
Halls Cough Drops- $1
Halls Cough Drops- $1
Ricola Drops- $1
Ricola Drops- $1
Renu Travel Pack- $1
Total- 25.49
Now, for the good part:
Use your $5 off $25 awesomeness
Use the BOGO Covergirl coupon (2/7 PG)
Use the Ricola $1 off of 2 Coupon (1/17 SS)
Use the Halls Coupon $1 off of 2 (2/21 SS)
Use the Renu $2 Coupon
Use the Renu $1 Coupon (for the $1 travel size)
Total: $1.99
Submit for the $2 SCR for the Renu


Transaction Idea #2
Buy the Covergirl products ($13.50 + FREE)
Buy the Renu ($6.99)
and buy Dayquil/Nyquil ($4.99)
Use the $5 off of 25 linked above
Use the $2 Renu Coupon linked above
Use the Dayquil $1.50 coupon (2/7 PG)
TOTAL OOP: $3.58
Submit for the Renu $2 SCR and Dayquil $2 SCR
.42 MONEYMAKER! a mixture of the two deals.
I wear contacts, so free contact stuff makes me want to
weep with happiness and throw parties
because it can be so expensive.

Happy Shopping!!

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