Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's A Good Week For Diapers Part 2 Rite Aid

Oh Rite Aid....your cashiers are a little grumpy but I'm falling in *love* with you and your SCR (single check rebates!) and video values. I might visit you twice this week.....just 'cause....
Here's my first/definite transaction, involving, diapers! The coupon-gods must have known that I was just about out!
2 Huggies @ $8.99 ea
2 Huggies Wipes $5
1 Johnson and Johnson Baby $2.99
-$5/$25 printable
-2/$3 Huggie Coupons 
-$2 off Huggies Rite Aid Video Values Coupon
-2/.75 off wipes printable (no longer available)
-$1 in ad J&J coupon
-$1 J & J coupon printable
=$9.50 with 2 back for SCR

Transaction 2 (if i have extra time on my hands--gotta use up those awesome $3/1 coupons!)
1 Huggies $8.99
2 Kotex 2/$6
-2/$1 Kotex
-$1 Kotex Video Values
-$3 Huggies (become their fan on facebook and print 2/$3 off coupons as well!)
=$5 with $1 back for SCR

I love how you can get the $3/$15 and $5/$25 coupons off of for Rite Aid. This gives me a great place to start with my transactions. I *know* I have to spend a certain amount of money and then I can look through their circular and figure out a)what i need b)what i don't *need* but have high value coupons for. If you're new to Rite Aid start with a $3/$15 coupon--search the circular (if you don't have one you can view them at or peruse what the video value coupons are for b/c you can combine these with manufacturer coupons for extra savings! Happy couponing!

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