Sunday, March 28, 2010

6 AM Shopping Success! **and an AIR WICK update**

So...Happy Sunday! My precious husband and I were up with the 6am baby again today so I headed out early to grab the deals I've been planning =) So. much. excitement. tee hee! We have a 24hr CVS and 24hr Walgreens just 1/2 a mile away, as well as a 6am Rite Aid about 1 mile away so in no time I hit all the stores and was back home to lay Ezra down for his first morning nap (6:45/7ish).
Total cost of everything, including tax?
WITH $4 RR back at Walgreens, and $7 EBC back at CVS
(along with some sweet coupons on my receipt!).
2 Diaper packs,
1 cetaphil,
2 toothbrushes,
3 Reeses,
1 Vitamin water,
2 finish dishwasher detergent
1 philly inquirer
1 dove shampoo
6 Air Wick (scented oil and compact i-motion)
1 lysol automatic soap dispenser
********and they PAID *me* $4 to do it.*********

Also, about the *airwick*if you still have the $4 off coupons from a few weeks back this is the week for you!
To get free Air Wick at Rite Aid:
Buy 3 Scented Oil Or Compact I-Motion @ 4.99 each (on sale 50% off 9.99)
Use $3/$15
Use 3/$4 off coupons
=.80cent (tax)

For Free Air Wick at Walgreens--
They are $3.99 here--My transaction at Walgreens looks like this:
3 Air Wick
1 Dove Shampoo
3 Reeses
-3/$4 Air Wick
-$2 printable Dove
-2/55 cent coupons Reese Dark
-39 cent circular coupon (the coupon makes each Reese 39 cents so I paid 10cents for 3 Reeses)
=$3.30ish with $4 back (for buying Dove)

I originally tried to buy 1 more Air Wick but since the coupon is for $4 off and they are only marked $3.99 the register wouldn't accept my coupon. I know that a store can manually just take off the $3.99 but they weren't willing to do that here. So since the first three went through and coupons were taken off without a hitch I just got those and had them take the 4th off my receipt. If your Walgreens won't adjust down the price of the coupon it probably won't work for you (unless you find it out the hard way like I had to=).  So, for a *free* purchase without a hassle or extra explanation--Rite Aid is probably your best bet for the Air Wick this week!

oh--and btw--6 am cashiers are so friendly! I think they get bored all night and are excited for a chatty customer---you know, if those grumpy cashiers get you down shop early and it'll solve your problems! =)

Happy Couponing!!

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