Friday, July 15, 2011

Flavor Vs. Fizz--Crystal Light = Yum

As a part of the Glam Network I was given a super fun Crystal Light gift pack to try out. I already drink their lemonade but that's the only flavor I've ever tried. Since I've recently given up stocking my fridge with soda *sob* I tried out some new flavors and I was super impressed. There are tons of options and my new favorite is Fruit Punch--which I dressed up in the photo above =)! It is so yummy and summery--it is definitely my new favorite Crystal Light! This will definitely help me through soda-less days, and really I don't even miss the fizz. 

**no monetary compensation was received for this post from Crystal Light Or Glam Media. the opinions expressed herein are mine and not indicative of the positions or opinions of Crystal Light. 

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