Monday, April 4, 2011


I *did* go to Rite Aid this week--but my trip did NOT go as planned--things rang up wrong, they didn't have everything I needed, the circular had a misprint, I bought something that was in the wrong spot on the shelf and didn't notice that it cost $10 instead of $5 etc and so on. I got home feeling very discouraged and annoyed.
So, that's why I didn't post my Rite Aid transaction! =) 
However, there is a *silver* lining! Even though Rite Aid didn't go great this week--my husband went to get groceries and got everything we needed (milk, bread, veggies, fruit etc) and we only spent $27!! I was so happy and thankful that our stockpile of items we use frequently (and buy when they are deeply discounted with coupons and sales) is really paying off! We've gone from spending $170 A WEEK on groceries/toiletries/diapers to spending $120 A MONTH on groceries/toiletries and $7-$14 a month on diapers!! And that is diapers for TWO kids!
So...even though couponing is hard and discouraging and ANNOYING and TIME CONSUMING sometimes--it really has been totally, absolutely worth it for my family! 
And, I just thought I'd share that with ya'll! =)

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