Wednesday, February 9, 2011

*HOT* Deal On Entertainment Books!!

Now, I must confess that I haven't bought an Entertainment Book since my high school class was selling them for a senior trip fundraiser but these little guys are totally awesome and full of some sweet coupons! I have a few friends that use them and always get great deals! I can never seem to spend the money on them though!
They usually are pretty expensive but right now you can get a GREAT deal on them through Shop At Home!     

These are currently on sale for $20 (until Valentine's Day) and through Shop At Home you can get 45% cash back!!! That makes these bad boys around $11 each! 

And the South Jersey edition has $5/$50 Shop Rite coupons in it! Woo hoo! (Also, tons of coupons for free Dunkin Donuts and Soft Pretzels! If you must know! ha! =)!!!
All you have to do is:
1. Click through to Shop At Home.
2. Open an account or shop with your existing one!
2. On the upper right hand side there is a tab that says "Valentine's Day Coupons"
3. Once you click that scroll through the list to *Entertainment Books*
4. Click through that link and enter your zip code on the Entertainment Books site and they will send you to the local edition of your entertainment book! 

*note: the Shop Rite coupons are not listed in the index online but it has been confirmed that they are indeed in the South and North Jersey editions

**i should also mention that you can't get your cash back from Shop At Home until your account reaches $20--but a few trips to and through them always solve that problem for me! =)

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