Monday, January 24, 2011

So A Funny Thing Happened....A.K.A. Rite Aid Fail, Rite Aid Win

Saturday night I received an email from a fellow Rite Aid shopper that our local Rite Aid was putting a limit on +UPR redemption! I couldn't believe it and thought maybe it was just a new cashier. 
Well, I went there Sunday and my usual girl, in the middle of my transaction said, 
"Oh sorry, we only take 1 +UPR per item. If we take any more than that the computer sends a message to the District Manager and I will get in trouble. I even had to read a pamphlet about it." 
I was completely dumbfounded. I mumbled something like, "Well.. +UPR are not coupons they are reward dollars that you can redeem up to the amount of everything you bought, excluding tax, milk, etc." 
She just shrugged and said sorry. I was so stumped by it that I took my stuff and left. 
Well, I called Rite Aid Customer Service today and am so happy! The District Manager called me within the hour to apologize and tell me he was going to set the store right and that if I went in to buy anything as early as tonight that everyone there would know that he never sent that message and that you can redeem +UPR as much as you want. 
So yay! 
I just had to give a shout out to my favorite store for having good customer service!! Even when their local stores are making up crazy stories!!!
Here's to keeping my fingers crossed that the next time I go there it's normal!!!

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