Thursday, December 23, 2010

Super Fresh Shopping Action

This poor blog has suffered of late because:
a) this time of year has been so super busy for us! oy! i'm looking forward to a week off to lay low and relax!
b) acme hasn't had any great sales lately
c) neither has CVS
I'm hoping things turn around in the new year =)
At least Rite Aid is still smokin' hot! 
Anyways.....I send my poor husband out on this super busy shopping day to do a catalina deal on shelf price at Super Fresh. I'm not sure we've ever done that there before so it was a little scary but it worked. =) The deal was to buy $30 of items for $10 catalina.
We got:
Cracker Barrel Cheddar $5.29 shelf, $1.99 sale
Kraft Cheese $3.89 shelf,  $2 Sale
2 Ritz Crackers $3.99 shelf, $1.99 sale ea
2 Planter's Nuts $6.29 shelf, $2.99 sale ea
4 Breakstones Sour Cream $2.39 shelf, .99 sale ea
= $39.30 shelf price, sale price $17.91
-$1/2 Kraft/Cracker Barrel
-4 .55/1 Breakstones doubled to $1.10
-$1/2 Ritz
-$1/2 Planter's 
=$10.51 out of pocket with $10 catalina back!

We used our $10 catalina to buy a few items we needed like bread, pepsi =) and meat! *That's* why we coupon--so that we can get extra things we will use on top of the things we need! It's awesome to get $40 of food for $10! =)

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