Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saving Statistics Update

My husband and I really enjoy finding deals and doing them together---saving money has actually become a fun, family pastime! Here's where we stand:
1. Shop Rite--they are having an amazing catalina deal this week!!! There are like 8ish different offers where you spend $20 (shelf or sale price--doesn't matter because either way it's a moneymaker!!) and get $20 in coupons to use over the next 4 weeks. We did 7 of these deals and spent $80ish and got back $110 in catalinas and a $10 oyno catalina as well! So, even though we spent twice as much as we usually do this week we are getting a HUGE return on our investment! 
2. Acme still = LOVE. They've cooled off this week but week after week I have FILLED my cupboards and had tons to donate thanks to their rocking sales!!
3. I'm still playing the drugstore game. CVS had a few good black friday deals so I restarted our love affair. I'm going this week to buy some free diapers! Rite Aid is still my favorite though! I spent about $1.50 there last month and brought home $100s of things we need (paper towels, diapers, dishwasher soap etc) and things we didn't (more shampoo and conditioner =)) and made $11.99! Awesome!
4. I still really love Swagbucks! I consistently earn giftcards that I use on things like music downloads, christmas presents and wipes! Totally free and easy. Favorite!
5. Nothing else is really new in the *savings* department. I'd still like to get into stockpiling meat but just haven't figured out a strategy. I've heard you can save a ton-o-money that way...so, we'll see. 
Happy Savings to you!

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