Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rite Aid 11/7 Trans-ACTION

I woke up this morning (yay children for not waking up at 5 on daylight savings day!!!) and didn't really feel like heading to Rite Aid. I thought it seemed like a boring week but I got a huge load of stuff for $2 plus tax (free on gift card) and it was kinda fun so I'm glad I went. =)

2 Renuzit .88 ea
2 Glade Plug Ins $3 ($1 +UPR back)
Nivea Men's Body Wash $3.99 ($1 +UPR)
Garnier Anti-Dandruff Shampoo $3.99
2 Garnier Herbashine $5.99 (buy $15 Garnier get $5 +UPR)
Maybelline Mascara $3.11 (40% off)
Maybelline Eye $3.71 (40% off)
Crest Toothpaste $2.99 ($2.99 +UPR)
4 Kleenex Tissue b1g1 ($2.49 ea)
3 Tresemme Travel Size .99 ea
= $42.18
-$5/3 Tresemme Video Values OCTOBER
-$1/1 Crest 10/31 PG
-$5/$25 pdf printable (no longer available from last month)
-$2/1 Maybelline Eye Video Value OCT
-$2/1 Maybelline Video Value NOV
-$1/1 Maybelline Mascara 10/30 RP
-$1/1 Maybelline Eye (found in my coupon box)
-$1/1 Garnier Video Values
-$1/1 Garnier Shampoo home mailer from sample
-2 $3/1 Garnier Herabshine printables
-$2/1 Garnier Herbashine Video Values
-$1/1 Nivea Men's 10/30 RP
-$1/2 Glade Plug Ins printable
-2 $1/1 Renuzit printables (no longer available)
-b3 Kleenex g1 free
-$1/3 Kleenex Video Values
-$2 +UPR
=$1.94  plus tax
(again, of course, my math doesn't match the receipt....but as long as rite aid is charging me less i'm totally cool with that. =)
=$4.48 on Rite Aid SCR gift card with $9.99 +UPR back!
**Apparently I also quality for a *Free* Eagle's T-shirt...I'm going to need to find someone to give that to! Eagles + Football In General = barf. =)

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