Sunday, October 10, 2010

Savings Statistics Update!

I haven't updated on my general savings strategies/issues/etc in a while so I thought I'd do a quick one today!
1. Shop Rite--Still going strong! I took advantage of the buy $20 of nestle/kraft to get $20 ea of nestle/kraft catalinas (and of course, I didn't spend that much out of pocket b/c I had coupons!). With our $10 of catalinas to use this week we got free juice boxes for school and free cream cheese! We spent $29 this week to get everything we needed (fresh fruit, veggies, meat and a few cheap/free deal items). We SAVED $77!!!! (with the use of coupons, sale prices and club card). It feels like a lifetime ago I was spending $120 a week at the store! So thankful that's not me anymore!!
2. Drugstores--I consistently post my drugstore deals--last month we spent NO money out of pocket at Rite Aid and got a ton of stuff to keep our family going--consumables like diapers, paper towels, trash bags, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, and detergents are all readily available for free there and then sometimes they pay me a little bit to take it all home. LOVE!!!
3. I have continued to change my grocery store strategy--we now hit two or three stores a week (on average) just to run in and pick up whatever we can get that is free or super cheap. Pathmark has a lot of excellent deals and Acme just can't be beat for their catalinas! This week at Acme we have been rolling the buy $25/get $10 cat to get lots of FREE healthy choice freezer meals! These are perfect for my husband to take to work for lunch and we used to spend a big portion of our grocery money on these things--to get them for free is awesome! We have a months supply now in the deep freeze and all for $0!!
4. Shop At Home--I do a lot of online shopping (especially since I don't really like shopping at the mall anyways) and just got my third check back from Shop At Home! Each store you go to their site and click through to has a different amount of money you get back for purchasing! I think Old Navy is 3% for example. Almost any online store you can think of is on there and I think it's pretty sweet to get extra money back just for buying stuff you were going to anyways!
ShopAtHome Banner
5. Swagbucks. I am still FULLY in love with Swagbucks!!! They make my heart sing with the freeness and funness of it all. =) I have been buying my wipes at with their gift cards. I also have picked up a bunch of new stuff to redecorate my bathroom and some birthday presents for my Maeve!
Search & Win
6. We live in a great big old-high-ceiling(ed) home and have very high energy bills (even though we conserve as much as possible and use the line to dry clothes). We recently applied to and were accepted to a low-income energy savings program in NJ and get a break on our electric bill which is a huge blessing!

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