Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rite Aid 10/17

My Rite Aid trip was made sooooo much easier by the fact that my store actually had a HUGE display today of EVERYTHING that I needed to get! It was awesome! No comparing the fine print of the circular to the un-marked shelves. It was heaven! So fast! So efficient!

And then I got in line.....*NONE* of  my coupons scanned! The register hated ALL of them! I can't even remember the last time that happened to me! (I'm not sure it has!). It was upsetting b/c when the coupons don't scan I always feel shady even though every single one was from a valid source, none of them were expired and the sizes were all right. Gah. Felt weird and didn't like it. Anyways! My regular cashier was there so everything was fine. =)

Simply Saline Children's $3.99
Simply Saline $3.99
Children's Oscill. $4.99
Chestal $4.99 
Thermacare $2.99
-$4/$20 video values
-$1/1 Thermacare Rite Aid Video Values
-$2/1 Oscill
-$1/1 Chestal
-$9.58 in Gift Cards/+UPR
=.37 with $20.95 SCR! Woot!

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  1. they started doing the stand at our store too! 3 of the 5 things i needed were right there when i walked in. it was nice :)