Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two Fun Freebies Today!

My mailbox has been sad and empty for a while but today I got two fun freebies that I had to share =)
I received a coupon book earlier on the summer for a free Trilogy at Picture People on your third visit. Well, we are Portrait Club members and our first two visits cost us a grand total of $6! Our third visit we spent a little more ($18) but rec. 4 sheets of pictures and this beautiful framed portrait!
Earlier this week a few of the deal blogs listed a deal at Esale rugs--for $0 and FREE shipping you could get a rug shipped to you (if it was less than $45 retail). I found this great rug for my upstairs hallway! It's perfect to cover the creaky wood floor in front of the baby's room! 
Love the freeness!!

Fun stuff!!

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