Thursday, September 2, 2010

.40 for Diapers, Wipes and More = BFF

Rite Aid is my new best friend...I just can't stop visiting!!
This is my third ahem....trip of the week!
I received a Rite Aid gift card in the mail today (from the skin care SCR months ago) and had to celebrate it with a trip =) 
Here's what I did!

Pampers Diapers $8.99
Wipes $3.49
Butt Paste $3.99
Garnier Haircolor $5.99
Wet and Wild Make Up $8 (4 bogo)*
-$5/$25 Video Values printable
-$3/1 Butt paste Video Values printable
-$2/1 Butt Paste 4/11 SS
-$1.50 Pampers 8/1 PG
-free wipes when you buy pampers 8/1 PG
-$3/1 Garnier printable
-$2/1 Garnier Video Values printable
-$2 +UPR last transaction
-$5/$10 Wet Wild purchase September All You
-$1/$10 Cosmetic Purchase Rite Aid Wellness Coupon
-$2/$6 Wet Wild Purchase Rite Aid Video Values
=.40 plus .45 tax =.85 on Rite Aid Gift Card 
(still have $24.15 left on card) with $2 +UPR for buying Pampers.
Ah. Love.

*I originally thought I had purchased $10 of Wet and Wild stuff but when they rang up the two lowest prices didn't come off--every other one I was off. Apparently though, the ones that rang up as free counted towards the amount I needed to spend because all of my coupons went through with no beeps.

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