Friday, August 13, 2010

Super Fresh Catalina

There are a bunch of Super Fresh catalina deals this week. I've never done one here before so we tried one based on shelf price and WOOT! it worked! =)
The catalina we tried was the buy $20 Con Agra food get $5 Catalina back.

Here's what we did!
4 Peter Pan Peanut Butter $2 Sale Each, $2.89 shelf
(The *only* kind of PB I eat...and am a bit addicted too)
5 Hunt's Pudding $1 ea, $1.89 ea shelf
=$13 Sale, $21.01 Shelf price
-4 .60/1 Peter Pan (Fully Doubled to $1.20 ea) 8/1 SS
-$1/4 Hunt's Pudding 8/1 SS
=$7.20 with $5 Back!

I think we'll do this again to see if it rolls--even if it doesn't, I think I'll be well stocked on PB for a while!!

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