Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rite Aid Round Up Month Of August! I *MADE* $5.93!

I've been keeping track of my Rite Aid spendings and earning so I can share with you how the Drug Store Game has changed my life and my spending habits!
Total out of pocket for the month of August: $13.74
Total Single Check Rebate I will be rec. back: $19.67
For a grand total of: $5.93 MADE! =)
Not a *ton* of money--but still! I'm getting paid to take all of the following things home!!!
And the Extra things I earned are great too:
*$10 +UPR left over
*$10 Rite Aid Gift Card for buying $25 Oral Care
*Glam Camp Sample Bag


  1. You continue to be an inspiration to me! Getting back into the swing of things now that I'm back from my summer excursions. Had a great trip to CVS this morning. Woot!

  2. I enjoy reading your deals. I had a great trip to Walgreens last night and I need to brag.
    3 airwick imotion kits 3.99 each
    2 oral B toothbrushes 3.00 each
    1 crest toothpaste 3.00 each
    3 carmel candies 3/1.00 (to cover coupons)
    4 boxes playtex tampons 5.29 each

    3 airwick coupons -12.00
    B1G1 oral B coupon -3.00
    Crest coupon -1.00
    4 Playtex coupons (catalina from kotex deal last week ) 21.16
    3.00 Catalina
    2.00 Catalina
    2.00 Catalina
    Total .50 Cents!!
    This was my best deal by far.
    I am having so much fun and sine I am ebay junkie have sold some of my deals on ebay. SO far sold razors and secret deoderant that I got on a moneymaker 2 weeks ago.

  3. By the way I am Jenny Brown from church. I have not been doing my blog for some time.

  4. Shelly! Please come to the UK and help us Brits out! We need you!!!