Saturday, July 10, 2010

Target Clearance!

I stopped on by my local Target this morning to use up some money-making coupons
($4/1 Schick Target stacked with $5/1 Schick; $3/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Target stacked with $5/$1 Scrubbing Bubbles etc.) and happened to notice that a TON of stuff is on clearance!
Things of note:
Girls (and baby girl/boy) shoes (size 6-13): MANY down to $3.24
Baby clothes (including 3pks of onesies, pj's, trumpette shoes/tights) $3-$4
Lots and lots of baby item clearance (booster seats, bath products etc)
Lots of toy clearance!
That was all I checked out but might be worth looking into if you need any of those items!
I also noticed that this particular Target is always COMPLETELY out of anything that has a high value Target seems fishy to me--at first I thought it was a fluke but now I'm thinking not so much. (Glade fabric refresh spray anyone?!)
Anyways, Happy Saturday! =)

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