Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Magzine-y Freeness

I've written before about All You magazine.
It is absolutely chock full of coupons (and it's actually got some nice articles too!) and you can only buy it a) at Wuh-mart b)online. Since I don't really shop at Walmart I opted for the online route!
The best deal I found is through
To get All You
1. I did a search at ShopAtHome.Com,
2. clicked through to ((because they give you cash back on 30% of your purchase!! 30%! This means the subscription only cost me $12ish after the rebate! Awesome.))

ANYWAYS, this post is actually about I ordered All You through them they have been sending me offers and their offers are actually great because I've gotten free magazines!
Also, I heart magazines so I like it! =)
They frequently send out "Gift Card" emails-
-just today I rec. $10 free to spend and got a subscription to Taste of Home for FREE! ZERO!! NADA! You get the idea...=)
I've also gotten This Old House Magazine for free (nice decorating ideas!) and a few free weeks of US Weekly.
So, if you're a magazine lover like me than check it out--and your mailbox will be all full and happy. =)

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  1. I got my first issue of All You yesterday via and, yay!!