Sunday, July 11, 2010

Earllllyyyyyy Morning Drugstore. So. Early. Still Recovering. Yawn.

Everything went pretty well today.
I actually handed in my ECB's in the wrong order so I spent more out of pocket than I wanted. The problem is that
a) I handed over all my ECB's at once instead of one at a time like I usually do
b) I changed my transaction b/c I learned that you can only do the get $1 ECB for $1 of CVS pads purchase once in a transaction.
If I were a shopping genius I would have just picked up a candy bar at the front and then my pre-tax amount would have been high enough to use my ECB on--but I'm no genius! Gah!
Total I should have spent out of pocket: $1.43
Total I actually spent out of pocket: $6.43
Pro Glide $9.97
Scissors: .99
Pens .99
Pads $1 for 2
Complete Saline $7.99
Bio True $2.99
2 John Freida $10
-$4 Pro Glide 6/6 PG
-$2/1 Complete
-2 $3/1 John Freida 6/6 SS
-the wrong amount of ECBS
*hanging head in shame
with $24 ECBS back!!
 ((with $7.99 ECB Complete, $2.99 ECB Biotrue, $1 ECB CVS pads, $5 ECB John Freida, .99 ECB scissors, .99 ECB pens, $5 ECB Pro Glide))

The good news is that now I have a million ECBS for next week ($29 ish).
Rite Aid went better. Woot!
I need to invest in a calculator though because my math was wrong (no surprise) and I had to pick up a newspaper at the last minute to keep from going under 0.
Out of pocket $ .68

2 Nivea $2.49
2 Febreze $2.49 ($1 SCR)
1 Scope Outlast $2.69 ($2.69 SCR)
1 Crest 3D $2.99 ($2 SCR)
1 Coppertone Kids $8.99
1 Newspaper $1.50
-$5/$25 printable
-b1g1 Nivea All You June
-$1/1 Nivea (I have no idea where this one came from--some type of mailer)
-b1g1 Febreze Home Made Simple Coupon Book
-$1/1 Febreze 7/7 PG
-$2/1 Coppertone In Ad Coupon
-$1/1 Coppertone printable (no longer available)
-$3/1 Coppertone Rite Aid Video Values Coupon JUNE
-2 .75/1 Crest 6/27 RP
-$7 +UPR from last week
=.68 with $2 +UPR back
(1 for Nivea and 1 for Coppertone), I qualified for my Skin Care SCR FINALLY! ($25 gift card), and $5.69 SCR
(Crest, Crest and Febreze)

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  1. What is hysterical to me (and I do the same thing as you when I 'accidentally' spend too much OOP) is that, when you think about it--just ONE year ago, you would have paid more than that (CVS) JUST FOR THE CONTACT SOLUTION ALONE, and there would have been 'nothing you could have done about it'.

    Now, we're bummed when we spend $6!! Isn't that funny/crazy/unreal??

    That should perk you up a bit! It always does me!!

    {i.e.--you are STILL a super shopper!!}