Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's days like today that makes my couponing heart happy...

I got the following items:

I spent $17.94 out of pocket (including tax) and I have $21 dollars towards my next trips PLUS $5 in Rite Aid SCR.

I made $8.06 today. Made it! 

If this is confusing, this is how I made money: The cashiers did not hand me cash. Essentially I got paid to take this stuff because I only gave $17.94 to the cashiers and they handed me $26 dollars in store bucks and single check rebates to use for my next purchases!

Retail price for all that you see: $130.67 (before tax!) 
So pretax on both sides,
I spent $13.98, saved $116.69 and was given back $26 to use next time I shop.

It's days like today that couponing feels awesome. 

1 Hour to Shop (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Acme)
Money Spent Initially: $17.94
Money Given to Me towards My Next Trips: $26
Money Made: $26 - $17.94 = $8.06
Products Received Value: $130.67

I got:
6 Coke Products
2 Glad Trashbag Products
2 Men's Body Wash
1 Herbal Essence Mousse
1 Bottle of Contact Solution
2 Boxes of Tampons
1 Finish Quantum Dishwashing System
2 Packs of Gum
1 Cream Cheese
2 Packs of Life Savers
1 Newspaper
1 Jar of Nuts
2 Power Bars
1 Gillette Power Proglide Razor 
1 Bottle of Aspirin
1 Bottle of Motrin
1 Caramel
1 Tube of Toothpaste

I. love. couponing.

Sometimes it doesn't go as planned.
I make a scenario that falls in the mud because the store doesn't have the items or a cashier hates my coupons.
Sometimes the lines are long or I lose a coupon somewhere along the way.
Catalinas don't print out or a coupon beeps.
Those days sometimes can make me want to hang up my scissors and quit.

But days like today happen too!
Where I have store bucks to use and money off coupons.
Where everything is in stock.
Where I spend negative dollars on various items.
And my wallet and heart are happy.
As is the pantry, my teeth, my hair, my stomach, and my dishwasher.

So...I guess what I'm trying to say is
don't let a few bad trips ruin your fun.
Because when it does all work out
and you come home with a lot of loot for nothing
it makes all the frustrating times worth it.
(and really, even the frustrating times usually hold great deals too- just a little differently and maybe not as many)

So don't give up
and keep on trying.  :)
Happy happy couponing to you.


  1. yay for the coupon-y awesomeness!

  2. Beautiful! Nicely done! Can you please share the deal on the soda (where/what)? That's the only one that I didn't come across. I'm impressed with your haul, but I think I'm far more impressed that you did this in an hour. It generally takes me an hour per store to find the items, make sure I'm handing over the right coupons,... and search for my wandering kids at least once. What's your in and out trick?

  3. The soda deal was 6 for $13, and I had 10 acme dollars to use. My in and out trick is actually just practice. I know where everything is at this point for the most part. I go in with my scenario and coupons all together in one envelope for just that one store. Also, I have no kids so I just zoom in and out. :) But it's not always that fast- sometimes the lines are long or I have to change my scenario for some reason mid-shop.....yesterday just went flawlessly. But it certainly doesn't always happen! :)

  4. Thanks. I thought there was a soda coupon out there that I somehow missed. I always get $1 off Coke products through RecycleBank, but additional coupons are always welcome to maintain the Diet Coke habit! Leaving kids out of the equation definately makes a huge difference (despite the fact, of course, that they are dearly loved!) -- can't tell you how many errors I've made trying to watch kids and maximize the deals at the same time.