Saturday, June 19, 2010

I made 60 cents on 40 yogurts today. How was your day?

There were peelies on the YoPlus Yogurt at my Acme, making this sweet yogurt deal a sweet money maker....

6 YoPlus Yogurts: $15.00
4 Yoplait Delight Yogurts: $10.00

Total: $25.00
$5 off instantly (plus 50 Bonus Box Tops)
4 $1 Delight Coupons (here and from the 5/16 SS)
6 .55 peelie coupons (found on the YoPlus Yogurts) that did not say "do not double" so they doubled!!

New Total: $9.40
PLUS $10 in catalinas for next time!

60 cents made on 40 yogurts. Nice.

1 comment:

  1. Peelie Paradise! You may have convinced me to suck up my Acme unhappiness and search those puppies out. : )