Monday, May 17, 2010

Savings Statistics

Practice. Practice. Practice. It makes *perfect* for so many things and couponing is one of them! My husband and I are getting better at wrangling our budget and are a good deal-seeking team! I wouldn't be able to get so many great deals without him--he's my partner in quick runs here and there and my coupon clipping soul mate. Love him. =)'s a little update!

1. We figured out this weekend that in going to Shop Rite, Super Fresh and Acme we spent about $50 and SAVED $200!!!!!!! We also got $5 back! =) I found my matchups on and (they have them for the south jersey area!). It takes a bit of time--about an hour a week to scan the flyers, check the websites and organize coupons but I'd say that kind of savings is worth it! Plus my husband and I work together while watching our Saturday night shows so it's actually fun!

2. In the first half of this month I earned $50 in giftcards at Swagbucks. I'm buying a Keurig. 'Cause I can't think of a reason not to =) WOOO HOOO! Can't wait!!!

3. The drugstores went well for me--I didn't put up any pictures because it was a busy weekend but I got tons of stuff we needed and spent about $10 between three stores with $18 ECB back, and $1 SCR. =)

4. I also scored two free dressers for my daughters' room from a friend who is moving so that's money in our pocket too! Yay for free dressers but boo to friends leaving!

5. What's holding you back from couponing? Don't be scared! You can do it! Save money on the stuff you need so you can spend it on the stuff you WANT to do! Couponing has freed us in so many ways. Worth the time. Worth the minimal effort. If you have questions please ask!

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