Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Savings Statistics....

1. Sunday was a record grocery store trip for us--with all of the Catalinas we accumulated at Acme and Shop Rite last week our grand total for the groceries we needed for the week and a boatload of fresh fruit = $25 with $2 back! Yay!

2. Did you see that Shop Rite has another program aside from the Family Rewards program? It's called *your bucks* and that was the $2 cat that printed for us at Shop Rite! Just for signing up we got $2 and will get another $2 in the mail! Each week they will email you with offers to buy certain things--included is a coupon for buying that thing and the promise of cash back for buying it (in the form of a catalina). Check it out! It certainly can't hurt! =)

3. I didn't do too much at the drugstores--but did qualify for the $30 PG coupon book at Rite Aid for spending nothing and coming home with lots of BOGO Cover Girl! =)

4. I'm bummed because I ordered some redplum inserts on ebay this week and the seller flaked! Boo! Happily though, Ashley posted here that we CAN indeed get the awesome version of the redplum in south jersey if we just travel to the next county for their paper---totally doing that!

5. That's all for now! Happy Saving!


  1. did her redplum include the nivea coupon for $4 off? I have not found a south jersey paper that included it in the RP. Between my mom, myself and my friends we've all gotten 4 or 5 different papers and none of them had the Nivea coupon everyone's talking about!!